The SOS Guide To Beirut

To celebrate the launch of our destination gift sets we’re sharing our top five go-to’s in Beirut. Keep this information handy, so when travel opens up once again you’ll have a rolodex of Atef approved activities. 

  1. Lounge in luxury at the Albergo Hotel, a converted mansion from the 1930’s. Enjoy beautiful views of the city from the rooftop pool, and ornately decorated rooms.
  2. Visit the visually stunning Liza restaurant for a traditional Lebanese dish of Aasafir, small fig birds eaten whole in pita bread.
  3. Em Sherif is your go to for delicious food at a great value, we recommend the bottarga salad, a big plate of bottarga drizzled with the highest quality olive oil. 
  4. In our opinion, the tastiest sandwich in all of Beirut comes from Chez Joseph. Go for juicy shawarma topped with tomato and cucumber, all wrapped up in warm pita bread. 
  5. Take a moment to stroll through the streets of the city and admire the street art. Murals and paintings decorate the walls of many neighborhoods, you’ll find portraits, poems, and abstractions from graffiti and traditional artists alike.