The SOS Guide to La Goulette

To celebrate the launch of our destination gift sets we’re sharing our top five go-to’s in La Goulette. Keep this information handy, so when travel opens up once again you’ll have a rolodex of Atef approved activities. 

  1. Visiting a marketplace is the best way to get to know a city. In La Goulette, nothing compares to the fish market. Our suggestion? Go after 1 am when it’s at its best. The fishermen bring in their catch around this time, and that’s when the betting (the real fun) begins.
  2. When it’s time to eat the aforementioned fish, visit Chez Mohsen for simple, fresh preparations. Pick your catch, and the chef will grill it for you with lots of lemon and sides like tomato pepper salad.
  3. Brik is a traditional Tunisian dish of a thin phyllo-like pastry stuffed with a filling (often tuna, harissa, onion, capers and potato) and deep fried. Mohsen le Roi Du Brik serves the best Brik around. It’s delicious as a snack, especially late at night after a few glasses of cold wine.
  4. For fresh fish and shellfish served in a traditional Tunisian style try La Spigola, where the locals go. Simply prepared fish and pastas are the name of the game.
  5. After a long day of eating, take a moment to sit and relax at El Alaia, a cafe on the ocean, known for its almond green tea and coastal views.