Chassez le naturel, il revient au gallop.
Love and excitement brought me from far away to discover the big apple; spices held my hand and guided me to find the apple of my eye. I created SOS Chefs in 1996, then a small wholesale business that started with only a few items. Its life has organically evolved into hundreds of carefully chosen products housed in our storefront on Avenue B, while always keeping the same core values of quality, efficiency, and originality at its heart.
Through the years, the words “Yes, Chef” have taken us on adventures far beyond our home in the East Village: whether it be for kilos of white truffles sent to a far-off place, 200 Peking ducks for a surprise banquet at a Midtown hotel, or special water for a room service request in Los Angeles. Our respect faithfully grows for our chefs as we learn the challenge and satisfaction that comes with working with the best. It is an honor to be a part of the creative process in an industry we hold dear.
At SOS Chefs we are amazed everyday by the variety of wonders nature has to offer. We thrive on bringing an abundance of high quality products from all over the world and aim to stay connected with our customers and their suggestions to continue growing. Through our work we have witnessed and contributed to so many iconic and beautiful stories, and our reputation, love, and dedication to everything beautiful and delicious continues to set us apart as we do so. We welcome you to visit, taste our selection, and help Save Our Spices with our community of creation.

🐝 Atef Boulaabi