The SOS Guide To Tokyo

To celebrate the launch of our destination gift sets we’re sharing our top five go-to’s in Tokyo. Keep this information handy, so when travel opens up once again you’ll have a rolodex of Atef approved activities. 

  1. No trip to Japan is complete without visiting a konbini, or convenience store. There’s one on every corner and they go by many names: Lawson’s, Family Mart, Mini Stop, 7/11, etc. You’ll find an array of snacks and prepared foods like bento, sandwiches and instant ramen along with household items & toiletries. Keep an eye out for myriad types of onigiri, or rice balls, stuffed with salmon, seaweed, and pickled plum, a more perfect snack ceases to exist.
  2. Take a stroll through Sembikiya or the lower level of Nihombashi Mitsukoshi Main Store to pursue the luxury fruits. Each one is simply perfect, with a price tag to match. Think of it more like a fruit museum. 
  3. Spend an evening in Golden Gai, a small through street in Shinjuku packed with tiny bars, most seat under ten. There are over 200, most are themed, and many only welcome locals, so do your research beforehand. Bar Albatros and The Open Book are two to hit first.
  4. Order ramen like a local, maybe even from a vending machine. Perhaps from Kikanbo, if spice is what you crave.
  5. A short train ride away lies the town of Hakone, known for its onsens, or hot springs. Stay at a traditional ryokan for the full experience, many have hot springs attached to the building and offer an authentic experience complete with tatami mats, and a full Japanese breakfast.