Molecular Gastronomy

Do you love food and science? Have you ever tried to combine them? This is called Molecular Gastronomy and it is really amazing. Molecular Gastronomy combines the nature of physics and chemistry to revolutionize the taste and textures of food. Now some people may ask why combine the two? Why not? It creates new and innovative dining experiences.  Molecular gastronomy explores and explains the chemical reasons/reactions behind the transformation of ingredients. You can create all kinds of interesting things such as cocktails in ice spheres, caviar made of olive oil, and transparent ravioli. Here at SOS Chefs we have a whole wall dedicated to Molecular Gastronomy with so many products to get lost in and start some awesome experiments in your kitchen. For example Gelcrem, Gelcrem is a modified potato starch that works as a thickening agent with neutral color, it gives a great creamy texture and can be used in hot a cold mixtures. It can also be used as a substitute for corn starch. For other really cool food science ingredients stop by for a visit or find them on our all new website,! Chow for now