Origin Of The Week: Nepal

Hey there SOS fans we’re going to take you on a journey each week letting you know exactly where around the world we get our awesome products from. This week we are taking you to the beautiful country of Nepal. Nepal is located in Southern Asia between Tibet, China and India, it is also home of the infamous Mount Everest. Besides all that, Nepal is also the home of some really great spices as well. The Nepalese are known for their healthy, unique and diverse cooking. They use lots ginger, garlic, turmeric, coriander, cilantro, pepper, cumin, chilies, and mustard. There is this one ingredient that they use as well that is very unique and it is called Timut or Timur pepper. This peppercorn has the cold spiciness of a sichuan peppercorn, with amazing hints of grapefruit. It can be used on just about anything, in Nepal they even use it in their teas. So come get a little taste of Nepal and we can wait to introduce you to a new country next week!