Origin Of The Week: Japan!

Hey there! This week we are going to take you to the beautiful world of Japan! Japan is the land of the rising sun located in the Pacific Ocean near East Asia, and is the home of the beautiful Mount Fuji. Japanese cuisine has developed over the past 2,000 years with the great influences from both China and Korea. Japan cuisine is very popular for spices such as: Wasabi, Karashi (Japanese Mustard), Sanshou/Kinome, and Yuzu-koshou. We have received beautiful products from Japan including Zest of Yuzu/Yuzu powder, Yuzu is a Japanese citron that is similar to Meyer lemons, mandarin oranges and grapefruits. Yuzu zest has a delicious, tart taste and aroma. This amazing Yuzu powder is excellent with fish, meat, fruit dishes and in cocktails. You can also try Yuzu in some salad dressing along with some good olive oil, yogurt, or even maple syrup. This is something definitely worth trying and it will blow your taste buds away with outstanding flavors!