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The Amazing Avola Almond!…

Posted on May 14 2014

Who knew there was more then one different type of almond? These almonds are very unique and packed with amazing flavors, It is extraordinarily fruity, almost cherry-like, with just a pinch of bitterness in the finish. They also have a higher nutritional value than regular almonds. It contains three times as much Vitamin E as the general almond! Vitamin is a very important anti-oxidant, it promotes hemoglobin synthesis, helps fight atherosclerosis, defends against male sterility by helping to maintain the health of the prostate. Avola is great for the prevention of heart disease. It is also high in magnesium, calcium and proteins. It is considered energetic, anti-inflammatory, it helps bone calcification during pregnancy and menopause. Furthermore it alleviates menstrual symptoms and is a natural anti depressant. Betcha didn’t know your almond could do that huh? Let’s jump into the unique look of the Avola almond, it has a strikingly large, flat shape and it is a bit pointy. They go great with salads, chocolate, cereals, you name it. They can also just be a great healthy snack. Want to munch on something? Well come on over and munch on some Avola almonds, we grantee once you try them you will truly be addicted!