Share the Love of Cooking with Gifts Sets

We are absolutely delighted to announce that we are now offering Gift Sets!

A dear customer of ours, Stephanie,  was looking for smaller sized options to give to her family and friends. It never occurred to us but we listened to her and the sets have proven to be in high demand! We have chosen the bestselling ingredients to make the below offered sets:

Beginner's Gourmet Set - 4 must-have ingredients in your kitchen.
Chili Lovers - 3 popular chilis for those who like it HOT.
Herb Lovers - 3 flowers perfect in a hot cup of tea.
Peppercorn Lovers - 3 basic peppercorns to enhance any dish.
Premium Spices - 3 high level spices for the experienced cook in the house.
Salt Lovers - 3 special salts that work a bit harder than the regular table salt.
Spice Blends - 3 of our own house made blends. *Our most popular gift set!
Tea Lovers - 3 high quality teas for anyone who wants a little calmness.
Vinegar Lovers - 3 of our special house made vinegars that will leave you surprised by how intense the flavor is in just one drop.
For the serious cooks in your life, we bring the kitchen to them with $100, $200, $300 gift sets filled with the best, and our favorite, ingredients. Each of these sets includes 2-4 items from each of the above individual sets.