Healthy Refreshing Drinks!

The heat is turning up as Summer is now in full bloom. We have a recipe about a great drink that will keep you cool, relaxed and hydrated for the Summer. It is called sirup d’orgeat and it is really great for really humid days such as this. It is typically made with Almond extract, and water but, you can use Rose extract, or Orange Blossom extract with a little mint. In Tunisia it is served chilled at wedding and engagement parties as a symbol of happiness and purity because of the white color and its fresh, flowery, flavor. It also comes in other different flavors, such as banana, mango, and pistachio. In many cultures around the world this drink may have other ingredients in it, For example in Malta there is hints of vanilla, cinnamon and clove found in this drink and in Suriname sugar is used to sweeten the drink. Well, now that you know how to keep yourself cool and hydrated for the Summer try this drink and you’ll be the coolest in town!