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A Honey That’s Not So Sweet?…

Posted on April 14 2014

How could that be? A Honey that’s not so sweet in taste, but sweet in almost every other area. A honey that is definitely worth trying is the classicMiel De Chataignier, Pure Chestnut honey harvested and imported from France! A honey that is very popular in France due to all of the many chestnut forests. It has an amazing woody flavor and slightly bitter taste that can really bring out the flavor in savory foods like roasted chicken with herbs. It can be paired with the more assertive cheeses like pecorino cheese and parmesan cheese. It can also be paired really well with baked goods, and teas. So if you have a tooth that’s aching for a new experience, you should definitely try Pure Chestnut Honey from your friendly neighborhood SOS Chefs, see you soon!