Cacio e Pepe

8oz: 75
2oz: 15
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A peppercorn blend that will change the dynamic of your cacio e pepe. Evokes and stimulates all the senses.

The mix includes:

Tellicherry, Timut, Green Szechuan, Wild Madagascar, White Penja, Pink Peppercorns, Black Kampot, Red Kampot.

The oldest documented transaction for peppercorns was made in the Roman Empire around the year 410. The asking price for 3000 pounds of peppercorns was:

- 5000 pounds of gold
- 30000 pounds of silver
- 4000 silk dresses
- Precious furniture: beds made of ivory, tables of gold and silver

All this because of its rarity and cost to get this most precious commodity from India to Europe.

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