With a Pinch of Salt!

Salt as we know it is probably one of man’s oldest seasoning, it goes back hundreds of thousand of years. There’s even stories about wars that have taking place over salt. There’s many different kinds of salts that are not only just a table salt, and over a million and one things that you can do with it. Salt has even made its way out of the kitchen and into other areas like Bars. Salt is very popular with mixology and can make a drink quite interesting. There’s a science to it, the salt actually brings out the flavors in a drink. There are even blocks of salts used to cook on, when heated up, it can turn dishes into something really special. Salt is believed to be bad for you because of sodium and other additives, but did you know that there are many salts that are really good your health and skin. For example, there are many wonders to Himalayan salt that many people overlook. To the Himalayans, Himalayan salt is known as ‘white gold’ and for a very good reason too. This salt contains the same 84 natural minerals and elements found in the human body! Other benefits include: Controlling the water levels within the body,  promoting a stable pH balance in the cells, including the brain, encouraging excellent blood sugar health, aiding vascular health, supporting healthy respiratory function and, increasing bone strength! We have many salts that include interesting production (the way it’s made), beautiful colors, super health benefits and of course amazing taste! We have over 20 different all natural salts to make your dishes, drinks and even you better than before!