Sweet Vanilla

I think we all have a little soft spot for vanilla. Vanilla beans are the world’s second most expensive spice after saffron, and the most commonly used spice. There’s vanilla in almost everything from your air freshener to your yummy midnight ice cream. There’s so many things vanilla makes a great pair with besides desserts. For example you can use vanilla in soups, and sauces to glaze meats and even seafood! Mexico and Madagascar are said to produce the best quality of vanilla in the world. Vanilla is also its very own power food! It can increase brain performance, helps with calming stomach aches, reduces hunger,  joint pain, helps with digestion, and helps morning sickness with pregnant women. The scent of vanilla is also commonly used in aroma therapy to relieve stress. Here at SOS Chefs we have many vanilla products for you to go crazy over, we have all kinds of vanilla extracts to vanilla caviar. So come for a visit, you’ll be in for a real sweet treat!