Orange Blossom From Morocco!

Some weather we have been having lately huh? But despite all the sucky New York weather, we still have beautiful products to share with you. During our recent travel to Morocco we stumbled upon this town, Marrakesh whose air was filled with the beautiful scent of sweet orange blossoms. The spring is the perfect time for them to bloom. This town was amazing, just walking down the street we saw people of all ages, children, adults, the elderly collecting the orange blossom to dry them. It was an unbelievable site that had us dying to buy orange blossoms. We brought our orange blossoms from Rahal Herbs. Orange Blossoms are very versatile, and have many health benefits that will make you feel like a new person. It is excellent for treating anxiety, insomnia, and it helps against stomach indigestion. Also it makes a very delicious tea, but also have many other uses in food and also many wonderful health benefits. Great for baking, making drinks such as cocktails, and pairs well with nuts, dried fruit, honey, and sweet spices. Stop by to hear about our recent travel to Morocco and smell the beautiful Orange Blossoms!