New Beans At SOS Chefs!

With it being spring and us getting more and more fresh, new products for you to fall in love with, we got a brand new shipment of beans for you to explore. We got the beans from Mohr-fry Ranches in Lodi, California. They are not just your regular bean farm but in fact their family has be growing beans since 1855! They are also the largest grower of heritage beans in the entire country, also known as a bean’s bank. The land of which the beans grow on is perfectly suited for the well-being of the beans, the water is clean, clear, from snow melt and there are beautiful winds that travel from the Pacific Ocean. Let’s talk about flavor, because these beans pack way more flavor then average beans. Just to talk about one the Runner Cannellini is a mighty bean, that is loved by many. It has a bold nutty, buttery flavor with a tender texture, it doesn’t taste like your regular Cannellini bean and it is their most popular bean that they grow. Not only are these beans packed with great flavors, they are more nutritious, higher in protein, and packed with 3x’s the fiber than your normal, average bean! So if you are looking to try something new, healthy and flavorful, come try it at SOS Chefs!