A Trip to Persia

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Curated in partnership with Chef Behzad Jamshidi of Moosh NYC & ARS NOVA - take a journey through history and time through this Persian inspired set. Utilize the set to bring to life Chef Behzad’s recipe for Persian Pistachio Soup, or as inspiration and ceremony across your kitchen and home.

Recipe For Persian Pistachio Soup: www.mooshnyc.com/glorious-green-recipe-for-persian-pistachio-soup




Set Includes:

- Iranian pistachios 

- rose petals 

- green cardamom 

- white cardamom 

- zereshk berries 

- white peppercorns 

- rose water  

- golden raisins 

- Persian blue salt 

- orange blossom oil

- tea blend (saffron, Assam, rose, cinnamon, cardamom)

- oudblend incense  +charcoal 

- Behzad’s Agil Blend (mulberry berries/ wild almonds)



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