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So excited to announce an SOS Chefs X Rawaan Alkhatib collaboration featuring 4 limited edition spice blends that were created exclusively for Ramadan. 

This Ramadan kit is filled with rare, unusual and delicious ingredients and spices, alongside exquisite artwork by @rawaanalkhatib exclusively made for this project. The blends encourage you to use the moon cycle as a compass to navigate each phase of fasting. 

 When we think of Ramadan, we think of dates—eaten to break the fast and shared with friends and loved ones. We wanted to showcase different aspects of dates and introduce people to new formats—date molasses, date pit powder, date sugar—that they might be less familiar with. We then incorporated a range of delicious and non-traditional ingredients to make blends that correspond to four lunar phases: New Moon, Waxing Moon, Full Moon and Waning Moon.
iNew Moon 🌑
A blend to unveil the possibilities of the month ahead: date pit powder, crushed rose, walnut, cinnamon, white mulberry. 
Sprinkle on kunafa or qatayef; eat with your favorite granola; use to finish sauteed sea scallops or other delicate seafood
Waxing Moon 🌘
A blend to fortify. Chopped dates, garlic, wild oregano, thyme, pistachios, pine nuts, olive seed powder
Toss with olive oil and pasta; sprinkle over hot buttered popcorn; stuff under the skin of a roast chicken 
Full Moon 🌕 
A blend to illuminate. Date sugar, crushed mint, yuzu zest, and cinnamon + maitake, orange blossom, white oregano?
Steep to make a potent and clarifying sipping broth; sprinkle over labneh; make a compound butter 
Waning Moon 🌒 
A tea to aid contemplation. A paste of date molasses, , ginger, black pepper, coconut, and tonka bean 
Brew up some haldi doodh (golden milk); glaze lamb ribs or a whole roast duck; stuff dried apricots with clotted cream and a spoonful of this paste 
A perfect, original, and useful gift—whether you are observing Ramadan or not.

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