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I’ve been concerned and sad about the covid situation in my beautiful Tunisia 🇹🇳
Though, I know how resilient the Tunisians are. I know how much love we have for this special place. A love that lives in all of us even when you are not Tunisian, you just have to visit once.
A country surrounded with saints on the peak of every mountain from Sidi Bou Said to Sidi Belhassan Chedly to Sidi Bougarnin and Sidi Boulaabi all of it is meant to be cherished and protected.
For Tunisia 🇹🇳 I’ll be curating a “Love from Tunisia“ set to showcase a glimpse of Tunisia’s taste.
Half of the sales will be sent to families in need. We’ll have the set up until the end of August and send our donations before the start of school.
Help me to make a humble contribution to this exceptional cause.❤️
We look forward to telling you stories.
Set includes:

Harissa 1lb 


Deglet dates


Loubia beans 

Olive Oil 

Silver tray

Tea pot

Mint tea 

Pine nuts 


Rose water 

Orange blossom


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